New Home Design Mandurah

New Home Design

D.A. Burke collaborates with highly skilled, experienced, and recommended designers around the state to produce stunning custom home designs for our clients. Our professional relationships with various highly regarded designers give us access to the most stunning bespoke custom designs available and will ensure your home is nothing short of spectacular.

We work closely with our clients to develop each design to ensure it meets all of their aesthetic and functionality requirements. We are open to ideas from our clients and consider the sky the limit! We have won awards for our innovation before and it is a quality we will no doubt apply to your custom home design.

Because our design process is so collaborative, we never build the same home twice. In fact it is rare that any aspect of our various clients’ designs will be even remotely similar. This way we can guarantee the design is unique and completely tailored to you.

D.A. Burke is highly experienced in the building and custom home design sectors. Directors Matt and Daryn are both qualified tradesmen and bring their extensive building knowledge to every design. Because they are qualified, they can turn up to any site and immediately start planning with you and brainstorming the endless possibilities for your custom home.

Unlike other builders we aren’t constrained by competencies limited to certain building materials. With us, anything goes. We will explore any material option you suggest and evaluate its suitability for your design. You may also consider DesignStone, which is an innovative wall system that D.A. Burke specialises in. It is capable of withstanding natural disasters and delivers the advantages of masonry and concrete facades within a light framed building.

D.A. Burke are the experts when it comes to Custom Home Design, so to experience the expertise and incredible customer service that you should expect from a builder, contact us today!

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Mission Statement

At D.A. Burke we are driven by our steadfast commitment to our values and delivering quality custom homes to all of our clients. We apply a high level of detail to every project we undertake, a characteristic that has earned us the title of multi-award winning builders. With over 40 years of experience we are a well-respected name in the building and custom home industries. We understand better than most that your home is your most valuable asset, especially when it’s custom built. That’s why we take the upmost pride in ensuring your complete satisfaction, not just with the finished product, but also throughout our bespoke building process.  When it’s finally time to build and you’re looking for someone to trust with your dream home, look no further than D.A. Burke – a family-owned and operated custom builder who truly understands your build and what it means to you.