Our Awards

2014 HIA Pilbara Winner apartment complex of the year

The HIA awards aim to bring recognition to builders across Perth metro and regional WA for their outstanding workmanship. In 2014 D.A. Burke was the recipient of the apartment complex of the year award!

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2014 HIA Pilbara Winner apartment of the year

After winning the award for apartment complex of the year, one of those apartments went on to be named apartment of the year! Demonstrating that D.A. Burke not only has the capacity to create stunning and functional large-scale space, but also small scale spaces.

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2015 HIA Northwest Winner apartment complex of the year

HIA Judges said of this award “The workmanship was excellent. Use of the stone cladding externally, as opposed to Colorbond, differentiates this development from many in the region and provides good sound insulation. Residents mentioned that they were undisturbed when a recent cyclone passed through the area.”

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2015 HIA Northwest Winner apartment of the year

Proving that great things can happen in small spaces HIA Judges stated, “The materials selected in the unit were durable and neutral in tones, creating a clean, modern look. The kitchen and bathrooms were generous and feature adequate storage spaces. A carefully thought out design kept the bedrooms well separated by the bathrooms and storage closets.”

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2016 HIA Northwest Winner excellence in service small builder

Keeping true to our mission of providing outstanding customer service to all of our clients D.A. Burke was recognised in the Northwest region receiving the Excellence in Service Small Business award for 2016. This award was the collation of years of hard work and a testament to the great team at D.A. Burke and all of their efforts.

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2016 HIA Northwest Winner Innovation in housing project of the year

This award-winning housing project was a unique blend of business and living, with a little creativity and a lot of hard work we were able to make our clients dream a reality. We were able to design a functional home with a commercial laundry business located at the front and living spaces in the rear and upper level, challenging the norm of what a home business should look like.

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2016 HIA Northwest Custom Built Home $750,001 & Over

This award-winning custom built home required blending living accommodation with business premises uniquely. By tapping into our creative set, and by putting in a great amount of hard work, we achieved a wonderful outcome and made the client’s dream come to life.  This project challenged everything that is perceived as normal for a home business by requiring us to build a commercial laundry at the front of the building, with living accommodation in the rear and upper levels.

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2016 HIA Northwest  Framed Housing $ 400,001 – $600,000

As well as winning a 2016 HIA award for Northwest Custom Built Home over $750,000, we were extremely honoured to be awarded the 2016 HIA Winner in the category Northwest Framed Housing $ 400,001 – $600,000.
Our hardworking team have a multitude of skills at their disposal and brought them to bear for this great framed home project.

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Mission Statement

At D.A. Burke we are driven by our steadfast commitment to our values and delivering quality custom homes to all of our clients. We apply a high level of detail to every project we undertake, a characteristic that has earned us the title of multi-award winning builders. With over 40 years of experience we are a well-respected name in the building and custom home industries. We understand better than most that your home is your most valuable asset, especially when it’s custom built. That’s why we take the upmost pride in ensuring your complete satisfaction, not just with the finished product, but also throughout our bespoke building process.  When it’s finally time to build and you’re looking for someone to trust with your dream home, look no further than D.A. Burke – a family-owned and operated custom builder who truly understands your build and what it means to you.