Designstone Walling System

Designstone Walling System

We are a proud provider of DesignStone, an innovative walling system that has a number of benefits including the ability to withstand natural disasters. The system has superior masonry finishes and integrated structural framework, which ideal for people looking for an alternative to the traditional brick and lightweight forms of construction.

In a nutshell, DesignStone enables residential housing, light commercial, and other buildings of roughly equivalent scale to be constructed in a manner similar to a light timber or steel framed building, yet have the same load carrying, resisting capability, and sustainability advantages as a full masonry or concrete façade system.

The system is advanced and well tested. It is an Australian made product that has been utilised in many projects and exposed to many different clients over its 50+year history. The technology that makes up the system is referred to as Modular Precast Steel Form (MPSF), and is equipped to tackle the most severe storms, seismic activity, and fire in remote regions. It can be extremely useful when used in high-density construction, in the construction of multifamily apartments, and every day construction of residential dwellings and facades.

One of the systems most immediate benefits is its extremely quick construction time. The system is modular and enables installation teams to move quickly. The framework can be delivered to site prefabricated and does not require cutting, which eliminates the need for secondary contractors and reduces costs.

To find out more about DesignStone and its benefits visit or call D.A. Burke today to discuss how it can be utilised in your build.

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